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YMCA Before and After school care provides a fun environment and ensures your child leaves safely from school while you manage your other commitments. Our after school care programmes offer a variety of activities including art, crafts, cooking, sports, games and free play. We know kids always come home from school hungry, so we’ll also provide a healthy afternoon tea.You can rest easy knowing that your child is safe and happy at any before school care activities or OSCAR after school that they go to.

Time: 7:00 a.m. to 9:00a.m.

Venue: YMCA Stadium, Princess Beatrix Ave

Session includes: Breakfast and safe transportation to school.

Regular booking: 3 days or more per week: $8.00 per day

Casual booking: 1-2 days per week: $10 per day

After School Care:

Time: 2:40/3:00 p.m. – 5:30p.m.

Venue: YMCA Stadium and allocated children safe facilities

Session includes: Transportation, YMCA collect children from school and provide Afternoon Tea

Regular booking: 3 days or more per week: $13.00 per day

Casual booking: 1-2 days per week: $15.00 per day

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Every school holidays YMCA Breakaway programme offers FREE opportunities for youth aged 11-17 years to gain new skills, build new friendships and develop strong leadership within the community.

Breakaway offers FREE, fun activities and adventures to entertain our youth between 10.00am-2.00pm each week day, excluding stats. We do a lot of cool activities around our community and go to camps and out of town trips.

YMCA Youth Academy

The Youth Academy was established in February 2020 and is our newest addition in regards to our services and programmes which we provide.  The Youth Academy is our Alternative Education programme for young people that have been removed from mainstream education before the age of 16. To engage with this programme there is a referral process that must be initated through the students school. Our Youth Academy aims to create a supportive and conducive environment which allows our  students to develop life skills and work towards future pathways. For more information email or phone

07 886 8737 

YMCA Youth Hub

We have recently established our Youth Hub which aims to be a resource for our young people to engage with our mentors. Our Youth Hub consist of a computer lounge, arts and crafts room, home studio and a recording visual and audio studio. THe main purpose is to create a safe space and environment for all youth from our community to engae. For access or more infromation contact the bridge street office 07 8868737 or come and visit us at 46 Bridge Street.


Every Wednesday from 6pm-9pm we run activities and games with the youth from ages 13-18 years old at the YMCA stadium.

We provide Drop offs after activities.

for more information contact Dylan Clark 

07 8868737 or email

Supervised access

Please enquire to Manager

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